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Curious Art Glass is a small custom shop specia1izing in stained glass portraits.

The beauty of stained glass presents a unique style of portrait, energized by light and controlled by the weather, seasons, and time of day.


I can design and build custom portraits of your pampered pets... dog, cat, horse, even snake... in the lost art style of painted and fired stained glass.


I can design a window to complement the architectural style of your home, be it an Arts and Crafts bungalow, a gingerbread Victorian, or a rustic log cabin.


Critical to the success of a stained glass portrait is how you choose to display it. Some beginning points of design consideration:

  • Will your window be installed in the opening of a house or framed as a moveable, free standing room screen?
  • Will it receive natural light and if so, from which exposure...north, south, east, or west?
  • What view will lie beyond the glass... trees, buildings, water, sky?
  • If the light source is artificial, if you wish to filter the intensity of available natural light, or if you want privacy from the outside, will it need to be backed up with frosted glass?

Many design options provide opportunities to play with light:

  • Certain colors placed next to each other create visual tension and seem to vibrate.
  • Cut glass jewels and mirror fragments sparkle and flash as you pass through the room.
  • Light refracting through beveled clusters scatters the walls with rainbow prisms.
  • Sandblasted glass allows light to enter while acting as a misty filter. Choice of abrasive determines texture, glass can look silky smooth or like coarse, gritty sugar.



Thank you for visiting my shop on the web. My name is Michele and I can work with you, creating the ultimate glass likeness of any object that you desire.


Although pet portraits are my niche, feel free to challenge your imagination...I can design a window of your favorite person, place, or thing... animal, vegetable, or mineral. A current project: kitchen windows, celebrating the sensuous beauty of Romaine lettuce.


In this era of the machine made and mass produced, your stained glass portrait will make a beautiful gift for yourself or that special someone who has “almost” everything.


Ten percent of my profits from pet portrait or wildlife art glass commissions will be donated to an animal or environmental charity of the customer’s choice.



This website is dedicated to the radiant windows of St. John's Church in Bradford, Illinois. They remain my first and most important stained glass inspiration.


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